Hey guys, my name is Paris. I guess I should use this space to tell you all a little about myself. Well, I'm a professional fetish model, which is a lot of fun because I get paid to do what I love. I have a great interest in BDSM and the aspects of BDSM that includes diapering. When I was given a chance to have my own diaper site, I jumped at the chance to be the diaper girl in bondage who is punished with spankings and diaper changes.

Some of my favorite scenes to date would have to be the extra tight bondage while wearing thick diapers. Even though it's just a photoshoot, I got the idea that the thick diapers meant I could literally be left in tight bondage for hours without a problem. Another of my favorites is when I had the drop seat on my pajamas pulled down to reveal the diaper girl underneath. Humiliation and excitement at the same time.

We hope you enjoy the site. If you have any suggestions on how to properly diaper punish this diaper girl, feel free to send them using the "contact us" link below. I love taking suggestions and making great diaper punishment movies and photos.

Disclaimer: This is a site dedicated to Paris Kennedy, but NOT in fact owned or maintained by Paris Kennedy.